Week 6: The World In 2013 Poll

It is less than a month before The World In 2013 hits the newsstands and we have another poll question for you. We still have lots of moleskines up for grabs so just answer the poll and we’ll send you one (don’t forget to email lightbulbfactory@economist.com with your details).

Week 5: The World In 2013 Poll

Have you answered any of our questions yet? You’ll receive an exclusive World In moleskine when you do. Answer question 5 below and send us your details to lightbulbfactory@economist.com

Week 4: The World In 2013 Poll

Another weekly poll and another chance to win an exclusive World In 2013 moleskine. If you haven’t taken part in our poll yet, then what are you waiting for? Don’t wait until next year to find out what 2013 holds either – The World In goes on sale on November 22nd. Make your predictions now … Continue reading

Week 3 of the World In 2013 Poll

Yearning for somewhere to scribble down your predictions for 2013? Answer question 3 in our World In Poll and you could win an exclusive World In moleskine: the perfect notebook for keeping all your ideas in one place.

Week 2 of The World In 2013 Poll

Continuing with our World In 2013 Poll, answer question two for the chance to win a World In 2013 moleskine. We want to know what you think about the year ahead so take the poll and remember to send your name and address to lightbulbfactory@economist.com.

The World In 2013 Poll

The World In 2013, on sale on November 22nd, is filled with opinion and analysis from our experts on what will happen across the world in 2013. Now it’s your turn to have your say.

Advertising agencies: The lion’s Dentsu

LIKE the grey glass that enshrouds its headquarters, Dentsu is impenetrable. It is Asia’s biggest advertising agency, with annual revenues of over ¥330 billion ($4.2 billion) in 2011.

Smart systems: Special report

inspiration image
Thanks to ever smaller chips, more sensitive sensors, better wireless technologies and more intelligent software, the physical and the digital worlds are becoming increasingly linked. The smart systems that are now coming on stream will have a huge impact on people’s lives. This special report will describe and analyse the implications of this convergence between the physical and the digital.
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