The Big Question: What is the capital of the world?

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In this week’s Babbage podcast (reporting on science and technology), Google buys Motorola Mobility, social networks face shutdowns and a new biography of Steve Jobs attracts speculation. Read more

Sam Pitroda on how innovation can inspire us

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“Innovation means different things to different people, but at the end of the day, it has to add value, fulfil unmet needs.” Sam Pitroda discusses how innovation can lift people out of poverty and why this should inspire us. Read more

Global Leaders: Special Report

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In the information age, brainy people are rewarded with wealth and influence. What does this mean for everyone else? This special report from The Economist is about global leaders, but mostly not the sort you have heard of, such as presidents and pop stars. Instead, it looks at the people who shape the world without anyone noticing: those with enough brains, money or influence to affect the lives of large numbers of others. These three things often go hand in hand, but not always.
Read more


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